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AccessZeroSeptember 25th, 2009

Access Zero first began in the year 2006, three men who wanted to share their music with an audience. Their journey began in Phoenix, Arizona wherein they started from nothing to something. The first mini-concert was in a small pub full of drunken people but somehow, amidst the crowd of bustling people was a music producer who saw the potential from the band.

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AccessZeroJanuary 16th, 2017

Music is a way for someone to express what they feel in a certain event or situation. The lyrics and music notes are the code to their secrets and Access Zero is no different. Through music, it can deliver countless emotions from the listener. It can give an underlying vibration deep inside a person’s heart, this shows how powerful music can be.

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All you need to know about “Access Zero”

AccessZeroJanuary 16th, 2004

Access Zero is one of those bands that may not be as popular as Nirvana or the Carpenters, but they left a mark to thousands of people in Arizona. From the years 2006 to 2012, they continued their journey to stardom from one bar to another. It slowly gave them opportunities to perform in music concerts such as Wanderlust and music festivals.

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What’s more amazing is how the band consists of three men from different nationalities; Steve, Elias, and Nick. This three created music that made people turn their heads and listen, it became a routine to play every weekend until Access Zero got an opportunity to publish their records and singles!

Access Zero’s debut album is “Living in Transition” which consists of 11 songs about dreams, dealing with pain and moving on. Due to their insightful music, Polar Bear Productions manufactured their album, a media publisher who has created over 100 albums from different artists!


Through their music, they spread hope for people who found inspiration with their songs and its’ meaning. Until now, some would listen to Access Zero’s music, reminiscing how it became a simple hobby for the band which became more as a job they love.