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AccessZeroSeptember 7th, 2012

Are you the type of person who can turn on their music player, put on earphones, and study for a test? Or maybe you prefer falling asleep with a nice melodic music on loop in the bedroom? Wait, maybe you are someone who feels bathing can never be complete without any music!

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AccessZeroJanuary 10th, 2011

Some believe that music is a hobby to lose in your imagination and forget reality for a few hours but through music, people can improve on certain skills and abilities such as academic achievements and language.

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AccessZeroJanuary 12th, 2010

Music is not simply an art; it may be what the person is going through. Unforgettable songs are the ones which left a mark in someone’s’ life and most of the time, in the songwriter’s memory. The more the writer relates to the audience, the more the song becomes popular and this was the same case with Access Zero.

Best songs of Access Zero

Have you ever felt a tug in your heart every time you listen to a certain song or the way upbeat music makes you want to dance and loosen up? Well, Access Zero had this kind of control from their audience, it made them ache and admire the three members of the band.

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1. Going Nowhere

This song is from the album “Living in Transition”; it focuses on a person who feels lost in the middle of his journey. He doesn’t seem to know where to go or what to do which made him stop in his tracks and remember what he truly wants.

In this song, it shows how you may excel five steps forward but one mistake can push you fifteen steps backward. The lesson here is never giving up on the hope of achieving what you always wanted.

2. Away

It talks about the yearning to lose oneself and forget about ones’ problems even only for a few hours. What made people relate to the song is how it shows that problems are a heavy burden to the point that the person is having a hard time to get back up.

So, all you can do is push away the pain, inhale and drug yourself with positivity and peace.

Access Zero made more than 10 songs that consist of different adventures and meaning. From this, it became one of Arizona’s favorite music to play to. Would you want to hear it?